_Telemaque_ – June

_Telemaque_ is back on the scene with a new release: June

September 2021 – _Telemaque_ has released an exciting new release titled June. Right form the get-go, you can get an amazing sense of the depth of the arrangement and the incredible nuances that drive the sound of this release.

You should definitely check this out if you are a fan of artists like Radiohead, Alt-J, James Blake, and Dead Rituals, only to name a few. Like all of those aforementioned artists, _Telemaque_ is a true wizard at crafting music that is immediately likable and diverse, and June is definitely a manifesto of his attitude and creative excellence. Today’s music scene is a s diverse as ever, and I really enjoy how June is sounding in terms of revealing more of _Telemaque_’s personality, while staying true to the staples of the alternative sound, without being so strictly bound to its confines and creative dogmas.

Find out more about _Telemaque_, and do not miss out on June, which is now available on some of the web’s best music streaming services.