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Shot Of Hornets

Shot Of Hornets to release ‘MAKE OUT A PICTURE’ ON FRIDAY 1st JULY

Alternative Trio 'Shot Of Hornets' will be releasing their exciting debut EP 'Make Out A Picture' on Friday 1st July. Edgy, Explosive, Exciting and Infectious are four words that can be used to describe rising Welsh alt-rock crew ‘Shot Of Hornets’. When listening to their blistering debut EP ‘Make Out A Picture’, landing Friday 1st July, you’ll soon see why.


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PiriYE Interview

PiriYE (pronounced Pih-ree-yay) is an artist out of Atlanta GA but born in raised in Brooklyn NY. He's always had a cr... Read More...
The Honest Mistake Band

Introducing The Honest Mistake Band

Introducing The Honest Mistake Band: The Honest Mistake Band was founded in 1985 by (John-FlyinJV) and (Pete-Rocko) , the band had numerous members in the past but in 1997, Pete and John decided to write, play and record all of the instruments themselves