Zverse – Silver Lining

Zverse - Silver Lining

Motivational rapper Zverse is back with a new music release, “Silver Lining.”

These past few months have not been very easy for many artists and performers, but this isn’t stopping talents across the world, who are still creating high-quality music. This is definitely the case of Zverse, a motivational rap artist who recently released a brand new song, “Silver lining.” This track sets the bar quite high in terms of production excellent and mix quality. In addition to that, the song might remind you of influences as diverse as Kanye West, J. Col, or Trimbal, particularly due to the artist’s insightful lyricism.

Zverse’s creativity allows him to experiment with so many different forms of music and styles, keeping an open mind and a very broad scope. This is one of the many reasons why “Silver lining” is such an outstanding piece of music. This release doesn’t get stuck in the usual cliches and genre boundaries, but instead, it is free to float and wander off to many unexplored territories. Having said that, the song is still very easy to relate to and fun to listen to, connecting with music fans of different backgrounds.

Find out more about Zverse, and do not pass up on “Silver lining,” which is now available on the web’s best streaming services.