Zuvie – Toosii Type Beat

Zuvie - Toosii Type Beat

Zuvie has just dropped his fresh single, “Toosii Type Beat”.

Zuvie’s most recent release, “Toosii Type Beat”, features a stunning production aesthetic that embodies the essence of the track.

“Toosii Type Beat” features a multi-layered soundscape and a crisp, huge vibe that sets the bar higher with a great mix. There is also a trap element to this track, as well as a melodic approach to the vocal delivery, making it all the more enticing. What’s special about this song is how the layers of melody create so much texture in the background, while never overpowering the lead vocals, not even for a single second! The artist’s composition is immersive and dark, yet catchy and easy to relate to. This track draws you in from the get-go, and it is the kind of rap tune that is going to make you want to turn it up really loudly. Whether you listen to this track in the car on a night drive, or while you’re chilling at home, Zuvie will capture your attention and leave you wanting more.

Don’t miss out. Check out Zuvie’s brand new release at the link below!