zenas. – Continue?

zenas. presents his new song, ‘Continue?’ taken off his full album, ‘Cycles II’

Second to last track on the album, “Continue?” brings the narrative to a conclusion, or maybe, the beginning if you start from the bottom. With acoustic guitar carrying the melody accompanied with lofi drums and vocals, this song puts us in the driver seat of yearning for love from that special someone.

Beautiful lyrical delivery with his falsetto tone, he asks for her to “let him know if she’s down, he’s on her side of town.” “Cycles II” by zenas. continues to captivate listeners ever since its February 2020 release. The narrative presented along with its lyrical subject matter blended impressively with theatrical instrumentation, this project brings us a level of vulnerability that is delivered with genre bending production, and a struggle to break habits that lead down a path of destruction.