Zavier – Forget You

Zavier has announced a new studio work: Forget You

November 2021 – Artist and songwriter Zavier is more than your average musician. When not busy creating amazing songs, he also works as an actor, and has many other creative interests, which all meld down into a unique personality that translates into quality art and entertainment for the audience. He is also a producer, and one of the things that make his style so diverse is also the fact that he has a really distinctive personal background, since he was born in New York, but grew up in Morocco, and even lived in Barbados for some time. Today, he is back in NYC, where he continues to work on his music. Zavier’s most recent work, Forget You, is a stunning example of what this world-class artist is all about. The sound of this production feels unapologetically modern and very driven, giving the audience a true taste of what it means to make excellent modern music that has a timeless flow to it.

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