YS Murkedit and Assad DG – Better Man

YS Murkedit and Assad DG joined forces on a new collaboration: “Better Man”

June 2022 – YS Murkedit and Assad DG joined forces on a new studio single: “Better Man” The chemistry between the two artists is undeniable, and “Better Man” is a perfect introduction to both’s talent. 

This song is definitely daring and edgy, not only because these two play at some of the highest skill levels in the game, but also because the duo managed to pack so much into this song. There is hip-hop, there is some trap, there is even space for some pop and R&B vibes to add more melody and subtlety to the mix. The synthesizer melody that drives the instrumental is catchy and memorable, while the beat has that classic 808 drum kit vibe, which gives it a timeless feel. YS Murkedit and Assad DG have complementary vocal styles, yet what makes their music special is also the fact that their differences add contrast to the flow. Lyrically speaking, the song is also excellent because YS Murkedit and Assad DG don’t rely on the usual cliches. They have something more personal going on, adding more meaning to the track overall.

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