YoungBrook4Real – 4:12


YoungBrook4Real – 4:12:

“I take pride in my lyrics!” Young Brook wants you to know. Rapping since the age of five, as a child he loved the clever rhymes of Dr. Suess. Born Travis Richardson from Brooklyn, New York, his style of rap would be classified as Hip Hop, but with a universal element. Hip Hop, R&B, Centric, Soul, Caribbean, and Pop define the young rapper/producer’s sound. He is quite the “New York swag with bounce.” Artists such as DMX, Jay-Z, Fabolous, The Lox, Biggie, and Tupac have had an impact on Young Brook, and he seeks to give the public something they can also take and draw from. That includes good quality music. From his words to his production, he wants you to know he takes pride in the product he presents to you. Seeing someone’s reaction when he delivers a verse about something they can associate with is part of the reason he loves the art. His music is his art, and the craft has become his culture. Young Brook just loves to create. His talents are manifesting right on the Horizon.