Young Caasi – Playing With Fire

Young Caasi hitting the scene with a brand new project, “Playing With Fire.”

At only 25, Young Caasi has already accomplished so much in his music career. This talented rap artist set out to blur the lines between exciting melodies and forward-thinking lyrics, and fans far and wide have praised his work.

Based out of Anchorage, Alaska, Young Caasi is currently working with a local collective and record label known as “Live From The North.” He’s been developing his craft relentlessly, with over 9 years of songwriting under his belt. Today, he is ready to set the bar even higher with his brand new release, “Playing With Fire.”

Young Caasi will often tell you that the creation process is definitely his favorite part about making music. When you listen to this new release, it is easy to understand why. The sound is multi-layered and incredibly diverse, affording this artist the opportunity to express himself freely, and use his music as a powerful artistic expression.

From timeless old-school rap influences, to modern creative ideas, anything is possible, because this Alaskan rapper keeps a very open mindset.

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