Yelohill & Croosh – Sanchito

Yelohill & Croosh - Sanchito

Yelohill & Croosh introducing new release, Sanchito

May 2020 – Yelohill & Croosh are artists and songwriters with a passion for pure and highly energetic rap music and Latin R&B, blurring the lines between the sound and feel of the golden age of the genre, and the creativity that you’d expect to see from a contemporary rap act.

Their most recent studio effort is a single titled Sanchito, which sets the bar higher in terms of genre definition and sonic aesthetics alike, striking the perfect balance between the different, yet complementary personalities of these two recording artists. Somewhere in between punch and melody, this song embodies the power and spirit of some of the best hip-hop of all time.

The track kicks off with a moody guitar line, and it quickly delves into a catchy R&B melody with lyrics in Spanish. The two artists have a unique balance, with one providing a more melodic twist, and the other going for a more direct old-school rap tone

Find out more about this hip-hop duo on the rise, and do not miss out on new music from Yelohill & Croosh, who are definitely onto something quite special here.