YCS Money- $lobs

YCS Money- $lobs

YCM Money to release new studio single: $lobs

An engaging, energetic song with a contemporary hip-hop feel.

September 2020 – YCM Money is more than your average hip-hop artist. He is someone who grew up with a passion for music and with a will to express himself and truly reach out to the audience with his rhymes and lyrical flow. At first, YCM was focused on comedy rap, but later, he experienced some problems in the aftermath of a car crash. For a time, he wasn’t even sure whether he would survive! Thankfully, he managed to get out of the woods, but the experience got him to embrace a different creative perspective and create darker rap music.

His most recent release, $lobs, is a great representation of YCM’s creativity at this moment in time. With its impactful sound and huge tone, $lobs is the perfect introduction to YCM’s sound and personality as a whole. Fans of rappers like Tee Grizzley, Kodak Black, Mac Miller, Cam Meekins are going to connect with YCM’s music and aesthetics.

Check out $lobs, and don’t miss on more music from YCM Money.