Wunity – Negus

Wunity has just released a new studio work: Negus.

July 2021 – Wunity, born William Lawrence, is an artist and songwriter whose sound combines the energy of modern rap with the seamless organic textures of many other innovative ideas. His most recent studio work is titled Negus, and it really feels like a very natural snapshot of all the talent and ability that Wunity brings to his music.

This new studio work by Wunity is highly recommended if you enjoy great hip-hop music. In particular, fans of artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Rico Nasty, and Vince Staples really ought to check this one out, since it might definitely be right up their alley! With so much sonic integrity and great production aesthetics, you really cannot go wrong here. This amazing artist has a one-of-a-kind musical flow, and the sound that you can expect is nothing short of world-class. Negus is a great calling card for this performer, and Wunity is definitely a name that you are going to want to watch very closely in the contemporary music scene!

Find out more about Wunity, and do not miss out on Negus, as well as other releases and updates from this talented performer.