WILL of the STATE – Bon Bon

WILL of the STATE presents a new single: Bon Bon.

WILL of the STATE is an artist based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Recently, he released a fantastic new single titled “Bon Bon,” a diverse and excited song that will take you on a journey around the world. The music video for the track was filmed in Kribi, Cameroon, and the stunning visuals are a great fit with the infectious rhythms of the song, inspired by Afrobeat, Reggaeton, Latin and Tropical grooves. There is even an Indian/Middle Eastern flair to it, bringing the song to life with some daring melodic ideas. The lyrics are sung in Creole language, adding an even more striking personality to this entire project.

It is definitely an artistic challenge to have all of these styles coexisting together into one single track, but thankfully, WILL of the STATE managed to create a fantastic production, which sets the bar higher in terms of World Music. Each element is perfectly balanced, providing a fantastic listening experience that blurs the lines between rhythm, melody, and meaningful lyrics sung with passion, heart, and integrity.

Find out more about WILL of the STATE and listen to the artist’s new single, “Bon Bon.”