Wes K – Swoosh

Swoosh [Cover Art] 2

Wes K – Swoosh:

Long long time ago

There was this thing called Hip Hop I fell in love with. I remember singing in the back seat of the car when my mama would drive and her turning around smiling at me when I hit a note. Those waas the good ole’ days. But then hip hop changed . My pops rode me around through, where he grew up being Dead End or South Park as some may know it, jamming 2pac and Scarface to the max. Every now and then he would throw in some UGK later becoming my favorite rap group of all time. Back then hip hop had so many dimensions that it appealed to everyone even myself as an adolescent. As I grew my interest in music grew. From Hip Hop to R&B to Soul even to Soft Rock and The Blues. I carried this new found love for music from summers in 3rd Ward with my Auntie all the way up to Westside High School when I recorded my first record with my patna Karma and a few others. From then I would go on to put out my first project, the rough & raw, “Musik On Consignment” mixtape in 2010. Being well received, I followed up and teamed up with my family & Prezz G and put out a compilation mixtape called “Top Floor” . Shortly after I created and ran under my own independent label L_Avated Musik Group. Always did have a boss mindstate myself. Since then I’ve released “Twitter Tape” and my latest Celebration to Urban Music “1995”. In 2016 and moving forward I have a lot of sounds & experiences I’m excited about sharing to the world I’ve never exuded in my music before. Plenty late nights and studio costs are worth the product that I present to you, the people. I do this for the underdogs and the people that never had that $10,000 to advance, legit plug, or big name cosign. Everything’s from scratch and out the mud and that makes the grit in my voice even sweeter. So ride with ya boy first hand through the highs and lows and experience what I like to call the “Wes K Sound”. Uh Ohh!!!