Wally Lyric – Free Yo Mind

Wally Lyric proudly presents his new single, ‘Free Yo Mind’

Wally Lyric’s first Single to his album “Between Beauty n Dollars” is based on the famous HipHop influencer Parliament Funkadelic. Born and raised in the same hometown of Plainfield NJ where the grouped first launched, he ironically loved 90’s west coast rap in his youth, without knowledge until older the frequently sampled famous artist shared his same hometown.

“Free Yo Mind” Produced by TaySvpreme, written, recorded, engineered by WallyLyric details a personal journey inspired by their sound, its music video also shot&edited by Wally Lyric visualizes the process of creative thought with artistic imagery of communities he was raised in. Listeners have consistently likened it to Vibes of Kendrick Lamar and Kid Cudi.