W Ed Harris – Ye Banks and Braes

W Ed Harris - Ye Banks and Braes

W Ed Harris unveiling new album: “Ye Banks and Braes”

W Ed Harris is a classically trained musician and multi-instrumentalist and recording artist. He has a life-long passion for traditional Irish dogs and Celtic music, with over six decades of experience!

Throughout the span of his career, W Ed Harris received multiple awards and accolades. Earlier in 2019, he was presented with an “Executive Music Award for Excellence,” Akademia’s highest honor for artists to receive.

W Ed Harris recently released a new album “Ye Banks and Braes.”

This 15-track record covers a diverse range of musical influences and inspirations. From traditional arrangements to contemporary Celtic music, ballads, and original songs, anything goes.

With a stripped-down approach to music, W Ed Harris is bringing his instrumental prowess and organic sounds to the table. He seamlessly blurs the lines between traditional and contemporary influences, creating a diverse listening experience for the audience.

“Ye Banks and Braes.” has a timeless atmosphere and lot of character, tipping the hat off to some of the best performers in the genre.

Find out more about W Ed Harris, and don’t miss out on “Ye Banks and Braes,” which is currently available here: