Vntge – Odeshi

Vntge presents: Odeshi

Vntge is an artist based in Edmonton, Canada. His music is based on the enticing grooves and catchy rhythms of Afro-Beat, but there is so much more to it than that. Because he approaches music from an incredibly open and creative standpoint, Vntge is able to ignite the spark of his creativity with a wide array of influences, bringing an alternative dash to his Afro sound. His most recent release, “Odeshi,” is a perfect showcase of the artist’s unique formula.

The song’s entrancing groove and catchy vibe matches the concept of the lyrics, which deal with a feeling of heartbreak and accepting rejection in love. The soulful approach to the performance is a really good way to highlight just how personal this topic is to the artist, almost as if you were sitting and listening too him tell you all about the love story, in a way that most people could relate to like chatting to a friend about it. There is a truly personable flow here, which will make Vntge’s music stand out for its distinctive vibes. It’s soulful, it’s energetic, it’s crisp and atmospheric: this song has everything a great alt-Afro tune needs!

Find out more about Vntge and check out the video for his new track ‘Odeshi’