Vntge and Kwavvy – Shayo Galore

Vntge and Kwavvy have recently announced the release of a new project: Shayo Galore.

October 2021 – At times, you come across a brand new piece of music that is so good and compelling that it has the power to erase pretty much anything else that you had the opportunity to listen to on that day. This is almost exactly my feeling when it comes to Shayo Galore, a brand new studio work by Vntge and Kwavvy.

There is something quite special about this work in terms of production, and the overall flow of this release combines influences as diverse as Afro-Beat and Fusion, only to name but a few. The special thing about it is that it feels so natural and spontaneous and the different elements appear to fit in so very seamlessly.

Listen to Vntge and Kwavvy’s music if you are a fan of artists such as Burna Boy, Oxlade, and Michael Jackson, and do not pass up on Shayo Galore, which is currently available on the very best digital music streaming services out there.