ViVA Trio – Silver Storm & Winter Thunder

Winter has arrived, and ViVA Trio is here for it! Their new single, SILVER STORM & WINTER THUNDER is out now! This song encapsulates the wrath of the Snow Queen, her pain and her chant: “All is fair in love and war.” This song is the latest chapter in their upcoming concept album: WINTER LEGENDS. Featuring Katya as the Snow Queen, the vocals are powerful and dramatic, Anna and Erin as the chorus of Winter Spirits, in a Carmina Burana inspired chant, and the orchestra creates a heightened, intense, dramatic landscape from beginning to end. This song is another chapter in ViVA’s upcoming WINTER LEGENDS album and captures the wrath of the Snow Queen. A spotlight on Katya of ViVA Trio, the song showcases her operatic vocal prowess. Full-on drama, with a stunning cinematic opening, Katya’s controlled soprano soars the stratosphere with an epic ending featuring a chorus of winter spirits sung by Anna and Erin of ViVA Trio.

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Ride into Winter with SILVER STORM & WINTER THUNDER⚡❄️