Vintage – Gold-Chains

Vintage - Gold-Chains

ArtistRack brings to you Vintage – Gold-Chains:

Created in Long Island, raised in Queens and giving a nod to some years in Jersey, Vintage now resides in Richmond, VA. The product of a struggling actress and a local DJ, music and entertainment was always in his blood. His natural flair for writing and delivering lyrics came to life in 1998 when he was inspired by his older brother and his cousin the late, great Bossman, a far Rockaway lyrical legend. Being in the mix from young, led to music and freestyle sessions with other artists like Chopper of “The Band”, Hitchcok and Ransom, Paul Cain, Red Café, and many others.

The time spent collaborating with industry peers led to the formation of his own company, BossMenMusic with partner Oronda-Rashon. The duo of Vintage and Oronda aim to keep HipHop culture alive, fresh, thriving, innovative, and relevant. Getting familiar with Vintage will feel like a time warp into the lyrical history of the best that hiphop has to offer wrapped in the cutting edge production and musicality of BossMenMusic….this is Vintage music.