Vick Murray- BLESSING TRAIN (Rasta Reggae Remix)

My name is Vick Murray… The name of my debut music release is called “BLESSING TRAIN”… I am a song writer of mostly contemporary R&B praise/gospel music. I usually compose what might be considered a “fusion” of song genre types. I’m looking for, & seeking to work and collaborate with creative singers, musicians also, Producers, promoters!_ People who are “visionary” & INNOVATIVE thinkers! Hit me back, if this is you!?….

Quite frankly speaking although songwriting is not my regular trade/craft or vocation. I am a Carpenter by trade, and I’ve been in the Construction business for about 28 years. I believe strongly within, over the past few 4 years_ that GOD has inspired me to write. As this is my hope and desire that songs the Lord has given me, would be an uplifting inspiration & gift from Him above, which he may allow me to share!

I do hope & pray as well, that the Lord’s favor & blessings will fall upon my efforts with “His” music projects! Which I declare by faith_ God shall render them quite exceptional in the Contemporary Gospel R&B Music World!_ Thank You for reading this…

I hope you enjoy listening to “The Blessing Train” !