Vey – Choice

Vey is back on the scene with a new song: Choice.

July 2020 – Singer and songwriter Vey is making a name for himself with his innovative approach to R&B. His production approach is smooth and dynamic, with a focus on creating the right mood and atmosphere for his beats. The vocals are upfront and melodic, reminiscent of artists as diverse as XXXTENTACION and T-Pain but with a more contemporary twist. The artist’s most recent studio single, “Choice,” is a quintessential neo-R&B banger. It has a gentle arpeggio, perfectly building up the song’s intro and revealing a massive beat pattern with some epic 808s blasting soon after.

The song features verses that are a bit more laid-back and hooks that reach the song’s full-on energy, going for a more direct and essential vibe. All in all, you can’t go wrong with such a consistent high-quality tone, and a word-class production that will keep the audience engaged.

Find out more about Vey, and listen to Choice, which is now available on Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, as well as other music streaming platforms on the web today.