Vblock Dutch – Son Of A Beat

Vblock Dutch introducing new single and album, Son Of A Beat.

Vblock Dutch is the moniker behind the work of Karlanthony Wilkins, a rapper and producer with a diverse sound and a love for Dancehall vibes.

Vblock was born in Jamaica, but he eventually moved to the United States with his family. He started out as an artist in 2005. Back then, he was known as Dutch Diamond, and he made a huge impression on the audience, selling over 25.000 copies of his debut album, “Spark This.” He released many other successful project since then, and today, he is ready to top them all with his upcoming 2020 release, “Son Of A Beat.” This release is inspired by old-school rap greats such as Biggie Smalls and A Tribe Called Quest, but it also has some unique vibes, tipping the hat off to reggae and Dancehall with some unique rhythms. The album features 12 new songs, but the artist already released the title track itself, which is now available on Spotify and other online streaming platforms. T

he song is a perfect indication of what fans can expect from this vibrant new full-length. The single has a huge range of styles and some exciting tones keeping the mix fresh and direct. This is definitely yet another step forward for Vblock, who is still reaching out to bigger crowds and adding more chapters to his vast musical legacy.

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