Varges Thomas – Lost For Words

Sounds Smoothful & Funky-Varges Thomas is back with his new single “Lost For Words” this is pure R&B, neo-soul with a sensational vibe. “Lost For Words” is in heavy rotation and getting listeners attention and streams around the globe! This collaboration with PleasureMore is sure to resonate with their fans around the world.

Varges Thomas is a musician, producer, arranger, composer and entertainer from Dayton Ohio.

Have you ever had a conversation with your friend, lover, or soul-mate and you did not know what to say? Seems like the words you wanted to use were just frozen on your lips. At awe, knowing what you want to say, but unable to do so. Words captivates, love penetrates with the one you love. Good love songs no matter if they are up-tempo or slow jams; it’s the message from the lyrical content that grabs the imagination of the mind and gets the attention of the heart.
This smooth, soft soulful sensitive sound is sure to touch the souls of his fans around the world.

The orchestrated string ensemble seems to have a medley that relieves anxieties and a time to flashback; while taking time to think for a minute or two about what you want to say to your soul-mate. The song Lost For Words is a heart to heart vibe that takes people back to the very first time they met. For those of you who likes to dance, you can surely step to this song and get your groove with this bouncy smooth funky rhythm.

Can the one you love really take your breath away? True love and expressions of hope are a few keys to making anything worthwhile; especially when attempting to have a love connection. Music is what brings people together-to have a good time, to party, to mingle, and to relax. “Lost For Words” will bring you to your present and past situations in your relationships and to help you reminisce about life’s journeys with the one you love. Enjoy this new song from Varges Thomas.

His previous EP “Destiny” was successful being streamed in over 69 countries on the Spotify platform alone.