UNKH – Wha Wha Song

Introducing “Wha Wha Song,” a brand new release from modern R&B artist UNKH.

UNKH is an artist with a personal, authentic approach to his music. His sound combines modern production aesthetics with timeless musical storytelling, making for a unique twist. Recently, he worked hard in the studio to complete a killer brand new single, a breakthrough track named “Wha Wha Song.”

This track is catchy and memorable, and it showcases UNKH’s unique blend of styles. His music combines genres like R&B, Neo-Soul and Hip-Hop, into a refreshing unique package. UNKH’s melodic sensibilities have often been compared to the work of artists like Andre 3000, Miguel, The Weeknd or Frakn Ocean, but with a grittier approach that brings a breath of fresh energy to the mix.

“Wha Wha Song” kicks off with a very atmospheric introduction, and it eventually delves into a groove-driven arrangement with a powerful modern’s sound. UNKH’s vision is to combine infectious beats with catchy hooks, and this song really strikes for its noteworthy balance!





Hailing from the “Free State” of Maryland and residing in Prince George’s County where he grew up, Unkh – Born Joel Sanders – comes from a long line of incandescent males affiliated in some way, shape, or form with spirituality and music. Forbidden to listen to any other genre early on aside from Gospel, Unkh got his feet wet with musicality at his family’s church. His Grandfather, a preacher, and his father, a Minister of music, it was there where his talent as a songwriter first sprouted. He and his siblings would play “Church” and he would write lyrics to his own gospels that astonished all that heard them. In the early 1990’s an inevitable exposure to Hip Hop & R&B ignited a fiery passion within him that burned so bright he took himself on a backwards musical binge starting with Brandy, Missy Elliott and Boyz II Men that traced back to the Donny Hathaway’s, Janis Joplin’s, and Phyllis Hyman’s of the world. Spending his last year of high school in their proprietary choir, he got very little opportunity to showcase his growing instrument. Joel spent the next stage of his life researching every genre of music under the sun.

Fast forward to 2014 in which Unkh decided to fervently push his dreams into fruition. After toiling with self-producing, writing, and recording several mixtapes on the side, including the indie burner “Copacetic Maze #PPP” and the deliberately shelved “Mad Marble” featuring the fan favorite “Love Will Find A Way”, he resigned from his job in the Fashion Merchandising and Visuals industry to pursue music full time.

A month after leaving his stable foundation and main source of income at the time, Unkh got his first gig as a performer in then D.C.’s very own “Treehouse Lounge”. He became a mainstay there and thus started his stage circuit in the area and abroad. Unkh poetically weaves all of his influences together to create a sound and a shared space for artists and music lovers alike to all vibe to. His infectious fluidity transcends genre and his incessant rawness is endearingly telling all the same. Indicative of his artistry, his mission is to provoke people to do more, want more, and be more – inspiring listeners to live based on their dreams and inner passion points. Whatever it is that you’re dying to do, his music lives to bring that out of you. Ready to be inspired?