The ZeVron DoN – Independent Zé

The ZeVron DoN - Independent Zé

July 2020  – The ZeVron DoN returns with this brand new single, ‘Independent Zé’

WithOut sayin’ a WorD The Zevron Don iZ proclaiminG no👆🏽 can stoP HiM (&by proXy Any of You!) from livinG TheiR👆🏾& Only LiFe, RighT NoW. WhiLe we StiLL Can. No HaTe, FeaR, FamiNe, DiseaSe, or OtherwiZe; will StoP him from enjoyinG & ExPressinG hiZ AuthentiC SelF a.k.a. “DancinG” hiZ way ThrU LiFe, Especially, at this PiVitoL MomenT in HiZtoRy. To Zé,THAT’s truLy INDEPENDENCE 🇺🇸✨🙅🏾✨🇵🇷
In a 🌎 filleD w/an abundance of darKnesS, “IndendenT Zé” offerS a glimpse of 💡 Reminding ppL, theRe iS in Fact PoWerFuL RefuGe within thine own Self Actualization & findinG ones inneR✌🏾Via ExpressinG uR inneR GloW, no matteR whO iZ Watching, LiSteninG, or “SupportinG” You!

It’s an Inspirational Song. An Empowering Anthem to Preserve, Maintain, & NurtuRe ones own independence, self worth, & self pride. I wanT *ZeVroNiTeS* to DrowN ouT the NoiSe & DanCe to TheiR InneR SonG. BeCause ThatZ whaT FreeS Us All. ThiS deliberately Worldly, CompreHensiVe, & HypnoTically infectious instrumental iS another purely SoniC expression filled w/ the compleXity of the Day, yet it manages to deLiVeR a BuoyanT & FUN EnerGy thaT unDeniably Encourages uS all to Celebrate LiFe. ToGetheR. Now. As it iS. NoT hoW we wiSh iT couLd Be. Someday. Its too shorT.