The Whispers – How Long

RnB Group The Whispers, present their brand new single release, ‘How Long’

The yearning and anticipation for new Whispers’ music has come to an end. It’s been 14 years since the legendary Whispers released “For Your Ears Only” in 2006. The journey for the new single, “How Long” began in 1983 when Magic Mendez, a longtime producer/composer for the Whispers, was moved to develop lyrics addressing worldwide events that were motivated by hate and despair. This thought-provoking music sat on the shelf until recent occurrences prompted its resurrection. Fast forward to 2020 when Magic made a few adjustments to the original arrangement, it caught the ear of the Whispers, especially the lyrics. Ironically, those same words that were appropriate in 1983 also apply to similar events in 2020. It’s amazing that after 37 years we are faced with the realization that the more things change, the more they stay the same. But love always prevails. It’s the key to unity and peace.