The Terri Green Project – What a Feeling

The Terri Green Project proudly presents, ‘What a Feeling’

After a very successful 2019 kicked off with the #1 Uk Soul hit Night to Remember and topped multiple radio charts in the soul scene at #1, even earning Terri an Independent Soul Music artist grammy nomination, there was still more to come. The album What a Feeling hit the #1 Spot in the UK Soul chart in September and has been hailed by soul deejays internationally as a masterpiece. Terri a house queen before moving into the grown and sexy market as legendary vocalist Terri B!, her alter ego, knew this release would not be complete without a set of hot remixes on all of the singles to come. Toddi Reed, the co-producer and creator of the band with Terri gave their Disco lovers pseudonym a boost by remixing their single again.

Their remix is a charming hint of the disco vibe of the 1970s, but manages to push the kick and bass to the proper level required in soulful house dance floors of today. The duo enlisted bassist Fontaine Burnett, who added an additional level of soul authenticity by riding the groove throughout the track. Frank Star, brilliantly and masterfully remixes the tune with a sprinkle of philly soul and a grooving reformulated bass line to give the same wonderful track new life. Bruno Verdugo adds the funky touch by combining the 80s thump without destroying the vibe of the original and as with his remix of “Giving it Up,” it is a stone cold blast.