The Order Beats – The 92nd

The Order Beats - The 92nd

The Order Beats presents: The 92nd.

February 2021 – The Order Beats is a music project that was created by Mikhan Davis. This talented artist started out as a DJ, but eventually moved on to producing beats, and he developed a unique sound that immediately encountered a lot of success and positive responses from artists and listeners alike! He is now making custom beats for several other artists in the world of hip-hop and R&B, and what makes his sound special is the fact that he knows how to create beats that really match the personality and flow of the artists who use them.

One of his most recent beats is titled “The 92nd,” and it serves as a fantastic introduction to his groundbreaking work as a beat-maker and producer alike. The Order Beats is all about melody and energy, and The92nd features plenty of both elements, combined into something that feels direct and catchy. The beat, now available through Beatstars, is perfect for artists looking for a classic R&B vibe with a bit of a 90s feel.

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