The New Triumph – Night Trip

The New Triumph - Night Trip

The New Triumph proudly present new album release: Night Trip

Featuring some of the best players in Seattle’s vibrant music scene, The New Triumph plays an energetic and original mix of Funk, Afro-Latin and Electronic music. . There third studio album ‘Night Trip’ was released June 12, 2020.

KNKX radio host Abe Beeson writes of ‘Night Trip’: Leadoff song “Color Unity” features repeated singing of the song title, a la John Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme,” resulting in a similar spiritual feel. The song’s message of cultural togetherness carries a new feeling of our increasing need for human interaction.

Other tunes continue to flaunt the band’s impressive arrangements. Funky modern jazz, world beat cadence, a touch of disco sparkle, progressive rock boldness, and breezy equatorial tranquility ebb and flow through Night Trip in a most satisfying way.”