The Marivaux – All In Good Time

Manchester. It conjures up images of baggy jumpers, soft hats and Liam Gallagher’s infectious swag. For too long has this musical mecca been quiet on the music scene, with just a handful of seemingly middle class bands to make an impact in recent years. However, just below the surface are a group called “The Marivaux” who are reviving the BritRock scene from the ground up. Their debut EP with lead track “All In Good Time” is a gritty reminder that Manchester rock has an extra spice to it.

The band itself is a champion of the unsigned – going on European tours, releasing music videos and building a healthy fanbase – all with the money they earn through music. With so much potential and a wicked sound, we can’t wait to see what 2015 brings for this dark horse. Could The Marivaux be your new favourite band? With more material due, we think they very well could be.