The Dye – Helen

The Dye has introduced a new release: “Helen”

July 2022 – The Dye is a music duo with a broad scope. The project came up with a truly one-of-a-kind sound. On one hand, the group’s concept is all about giving the audience something that they can relate to, refreshingly familiar, yet still unique.

On the other, The Dye wants to much creativity forward, and try new ideas, while still retaining a very spontaneous aspect to its sound. In addition to the melodies, the song also has some unique textures, which add to the vastly cinematic song arrangement. This is an emotion-filled song, which still has a super atmospheric alternative touching making it special and direct.

“Helen” by The Dye should be in your heavy rotation if you like artists like The Cure, DIIV, Dead Rituals, Beach Fossils and Joy Division, only to mention a few.

Find out more about The Dye, and listen to “Helen”. This release is currently available on some of the most popular streaming services on the web, and beyond.


The “New Night” arrives for alternative rock band The Dye
Grammy winner Damon Whittemore produced “Painting the New Night,” which arrived Friday as airplay eclipses 200,000 spins. The band’s Eudora Ellis co-creates the Fierce Femme Fest.

NEW YORK CITY (10 June 2022): On Thursday night (June 9), alternative rock band The Dye took the stage at New York City’s The Cutting Room

to celebrate the release of their debut album, “Painting the New Night,” which was released Friday by WITHYN Records. Grammy winner Damon Whittemore (Paul McCartney, Béla Fleck, Cécile McLorin Salvant, Arooj Aftab) produced the eleven songs written by dexterous guitarist Bruno Arrendondo and captivating keyboardist Eudora Ellis, who share lead vocals for the NYC-based group.

The first two singles from the album, “Clementine” and “Tantric Pace,” have already garnered over 200,000 spins in the first month since their release, having been added into the rotation at more than a dozen commercial rock radio stations. Lyric videos were created for both tracks and can be viewed at and

The Dye’s sonic palette on “Painting the New Night” consists of vivid hues of avant-garde alternative rock, psychedelic nuance, ethereal goth darkness, retro new wave fun, post-punk attitude and classic rock ethos. Lyrically, their subjects are as powerful, intense and incisive as their layered and intricately textured tracks filled out by bassist Paul Ogunsalu, drummers Jared Pease and Eric Grajo, and tenor saxophonist Isak Gaines. As songwriters, Arrendondo and Ellis observe and chronicle, passionately advocate, and astutely ruminate about transformation, empowerment, release, innocence, mysticism, violence, rebirth, love and healing.

The Mexico-born Arrendondo and Ellis, an American who grew up living abroad in London and Belgium, are Berklee College of Music graduates who spent four years working on “Painting the New Night” while honing their dynamic live performances in New York City-area nightclubs. Now that the album has been released, Ellis is capitalizing on the foothold the band established in local clubs as a platform to support women’s issues and creating opportunities for women in music via the Fierce Femme Fest concert series.
“I am the co-creator of the Fierce Femme Fest, concert events supporting women in music as well as creating community. The focus is on female fronted women in rock: fire goddesses of sound channeling their voices in a supportive movement where women are not only heard but fully accepted. It’s about shining and sharing our creative light, lifting the spirits

of all women regardless of age, shape, race, etc. At our festivals, all genders will feel accepted and connected through the source of music to the divine feminine. It’s a movement to cultivate oneness in all genders, allowing them to get in touch with their feminine side,” said Ellis who will perform with The Dye at the Fierce Femme Fest concerts slated for July 28 at Nublu (151 & Ave. C location) and September 16 at The Bowery Electric.
Three songs on “Painting the New Night” specifically address women’s issues. “Tantric Pace” is an emotionally charged tune about breaking the chains of abuse inflicted upon women, sex trafficking and the me too movement. Inspired by the Edgar Allan Poe poem “To Helen,” the atmospheric and cinematic “Helen” is an ode to the beauty of women and femininity. “House of Fall” explores grief in motherhood, including the devastating pain of losing a child. For more information, please visit

“It took one listen…within ten seconds, I was hooked on this NYC band that would be equally at home in the early 80’s U.K. post-punk scene, or deep within Rodney’s circle along the Sunset Strip. Their broad influences and classic sound made them an instant addition into rotation.” – Erik Dennison, WTKS Orlando





Helen was inspired by a poem written by Edgar Allan Poe called, “To Helen.” The Dye’s “Helen” is an ode to the beauty of women and femininity. Helen’s beauty is compared to a wandering sea and a star expanding in the fading fire of night. It’s a deeply romantic song about love and the power of human connection. “Helen, don’t tell me that I’m going to die before I paint your eye”, is a metaphor for changing one’s existence through falling deeply in love with another person. This relationship changes the way romantic lovers perceive life and shapes their vision of the world. They learn to appreciate life and it’s futility through the intensity of their connection. The actual moment of their spiritual or sexual union, the narrator and Helen, becomes an explosion in the skies of night. The tone of the track is somber, yet filled with the glow of atmospheric guitars and synths that resemble the waves of the ocean.
It is one of the most cinematographic pieces of this album.


Helen is a song about opening yourself completely to the possibility of love. Falling in love is one of the most beautiful feelings. The quivering butterflies in the stomach, the aching of desire, the rushing sensation of new love waking all your senses and sensibilities. To fall in love one must be vulnerable and abandon to the unknown. It comes with a feeling of exhilaration and an intrinsic feeling of loss. You don’t want to lose it before it ripens like a flower to its fullest potential. To find the perfect partner that fills one yearning for life and mystery is like discovering the hidden treasure at the bottom of the ocean. Pure love is pure magic! This song is very sensual and sonically powerful. The sound aesthetics are highly contemporary and even futuristic. It is a larger than life, epic tune, we can hear it even as the soundtrack for a heroic/romantic flick or a Marvel movie.


Romantic Love, Human Connection, Futility of Life, Transformation, Sensual World, Spirituality, Sexuality, LGBTQ Relationships, Poetry, Femininity, Vulnerability to Love, Abandonment to Desire, Union, Oceans, Stars, Climatic, Heroic/Romantic/Sexy Characters,
Fire, Growth, Beauty