T’Darrio – Audacity


T’Darrio – Audacity: Born in Detroit, MI on December 4, Artist/producer/engineer T’Darrio discovered his love for music at a very early age. His talent as a writer began to show at the age of 8, when he wrote a parody to Fresh Prince of Bel Aire’s theme song. He performed his version of the song at the D.A.R.E program graduation in front of his entire school, which got him a standing ovation. This was the first glimpse of the talent that T’Darrio possessed as an artist. Over the next few years T’Darrio dedicated his spare time to writing and working on his craft. He began to make beats at the age of 15 while living in Atlanta, GA.

In 2007, T’Darrio began to record and mix records along with his father, who bought an 8 track audio recorder after noticing the immense talent his son possessed with music. Over the next 2 years, T’Darrio worked on harnessing and improving his skills as an artist, producer, and engineer. He decided to take his production to the next level by switching his college major to Audio Engineering, to achieve the long sought after “industry sound” he was looking for.