Tayla Rees – Miracles

Tayla Rees has just released a new single: “Miracles”

December 2022 – Tayla Rees is definitely one of the most exciting and interesting new artists to come out of the modern indie-pop scene in recent times. Her recent studio effort, “Miracles”, is a perfect example of the intensity and melody that Tayla is able to unleash on her audience. This Christmas song is filled with warmth and positivity, and it’s combing at just about the perfect time of the year!

This release has a detailed approach to production, with a finely crafted mix and an even more lively performance. Tayla shines for her ability to blend different genres, and the result is astonishing, because “Miracles” maintain its impact while also welcoming a lot more creative nuances that make the release so special and easy to relate to.

“Miracles” by Tayla Rees is highly recommended if you are a fan of artists as diverse as Taylor, Swift, Sting, Christina Aguilera, and Ariana Grande, only to mention a few. Find out more about this release, and listen to it on some of the best digital streaming services.





Tayla Rees is a passionate & vibrant young Pop Alternative Artist. She is very dedicated, strong, fun & professional with a special “fire” when it comes to music. She incorporates all that she is within every lyric she writes & every note she sings.  She has a special ear & soul for music & is excited to share her unique sound with everyone.