Tanille – Interview

New York artist Tanille is set to take the music industry by storm with the launch of her new single “Baby come back to me”.
Known to some as a “Celebrity Beauty” after her appearance in Salon Today UK magazine’s new summer beauty spread, the talented singer/songwriter is now proving that there is a lot more to her.
The songstress, who’s also an accomplished author, says “there are so many moments in time full of unmistakable feelings. I have to write how I feel.”
It is this honesty and realism that makes Tanille’s music stand out from the crowd. You can hear in each of her songs that she is singing from the heart and it makes her messages credible and believable.

Tanille Interview:

Where are you from?  I’m a New Yorker born and raised. I grew up in Brooklyn.

How long have you been making music?  I have been writing music since I was 17 or so. I have been recording and producing for about 7 years

How many songs /albums have you released to date?  I have released four singles so far.

Can you tell us about your latest release and the background and inspirations behind it? My latest singles Baby Comeback to Me and Feel It are part of the Broken soundtrack. They are bundled with my latest young adult fiction novel. Baby Comeback to Me was inspired by a difficult break up. A break that pretty much unexplained. My song Feel It is interesting. The style is probably influenced a little by Janet Jackson’s work in the 90’s and early 2000’s. It’s about being really in love and unsure if your lover truly feels the same. What do you mean when you say you love me? What does love mean to you?

How have you ended up in the music industry?   Passion and hard work. It has been a long road really following my dream. It is tough to get buy into a concept like books with Pop R&B music. It has also taken a long time to develop my sound and my lyrical style. In my heart I want a certain truth of me to live in each song. Sometimes that can get lost in the production process.

What do you think of the music industry in 2014?  It is so different yet more open. I think now we gave to look toward where and how people experience music. It us not just about radio and albums. It is about books, movies, shows, and the impact music has on lives. The pirating is a bit unfortunate. Yet it opens up music fir all. I do hope eventually a solution is found.

Who do you think the most influential artist is?   Whitney Houston.

Who have you collaborated with so far in your career?   I haven’t done any collaborations to date. I do have a few songs that I have written for collaboration.

Dead or alive, who would be your dream collaboration?   Aretha Franklin

What was the first album you bought? Probably soul for real or Brandy

What’s your favourite song at the moment?   OneRepublic Love Runs Out

Who is the most influential artist now, and 10 years ago?   Usher and Taylor Swift

How do you think you differ from other artists?   I think the emotional undertones of my songs stand out. I try to write songs that really get at the heart of life.  

What is your favourite saying?   What does that have to do with the price of tea in China

What other hobbies or interests do you have?   I do yoga, and I like horseback riding. I love to write.

Do you have any tattoos or piercings?   Nothing is pierced besides my ears. No tattoo fun yet. I’ve been thinking about one- a cute little fireball.

Tell us more about your upcoming project or this new project?   My next song release will be my single It’s Not Okay. This song is a club dance track about being treated like love means something. And speaking up when the way you are being treated in just not okay.

What’s in the pipeline after this project?   It has taken so much faith and inspiration just to get to this point. I am in the studio working on some inspiring singles for 2015. I think taking a leap of faith is so much harder than it sounds. There are so many moments of doubt to overcome. I want to create a song that captures that. I want to express the reasons why we have to be strong and get to the other side.

 Thank you for your time and may you carry on making dope, fresh music.