Tammi Jean – Quarantine Flows

Tammi Jean - Quarantine Flows

Tammi Jean is back with a brand new studio release: Quarantine flow.

May 2020 – Tammi Jean is a rap artist based out of Philadelphia, PA. She developed a distinctive style with some powerful rhythms and next-level lyrical ideas, reminiscent of iconic acts such as Lil Kim, Missy Elliott as well as Jay Z and Nas, only to mention but a few.

Like many artists out there, Tammi was affected by the current COVID-19, who broke havoc on the world and caused many performers to stop recording or playing their music for the time being.Thankfully, this is not Tammi’s case whatsoever, as this talented artist managed to set the bar higher with a brand new release. “Quarantine flow.”

This project is a perfect example of Tammi’s passion and artistry, as well as a testament to her ability to create rap sounds that would not feel out of place when compared to the tracks on top of the charts over the next 10 or even 15 years. A bit old-school, a bit contemporary, Tammi will show you how it’s done!

Find out more about Tammi Jean, and listen to “Quarantine Flows,” which is currently available on the web.