WHERE ITS AT? BY BERN CITY SOLDIERS: Kay G Big T X-Cell and DJ Phat Child together form the new super group called “Bern City Soldiers.” Kay G was born in Queens New York and raised in Albany Georgia. Big T was born and raised in New Bern North Carolina. X-Cell DJ Phat Child and Glenn Big G Roberts were all born and raised in Queens New York. While each doing their own thing in different states. X-Cell and Big T met at a family re found out they were not only family but also both shared the ability to rhyme and so they clicked. Since X-Cell is from New York and Big T from North Carolina They combined there hometown names to form the name Bern City Soldiers in the early 2000. DJ Phat Child later joined the group and Kay G moved back to Queens NY in 2007. Thus the transition opened instant access to the group. The Three joined forces in New Bern North Carolina in early 2007. In 2006 Queens native Glenn Roberts (aka Big G X-Cell’s older brother) decided it was time to help the family group excel. So with this in mind He sent a 5 song demo of the group (without Kay G) to a talent agency their demo and within 8 months Bern City Soldiers were looking at a major deal. spin/universal...

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