Tag: Straight Gangster

Gareth Johnson – Straight Gangster

Gareth Johnson drops his new single, 'Straight Gangster' West Coast Hip Hop will never die! Gareth Johnson and Juan Blair have brought old school Hip-Hop back,...


Llonna Rae - Vibez EP

Llonna Rae – Vibez EP

Hip Hop artist Llonna Rae releases her new EP, 'Vibez' Instagram:@Llonnarae @gogetterworld Do not miss out on listening to the new release here https://open.spotify.com/album/1mqD2MdaXwFW4rrrKipo6g?si=BcdhBiy4RrmrjY82dVQlew PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: TWITTER |...
K2 - Live Rich Now

K2 – Live Rich Now

K2 has dropped his brand new studio release: Live Rich Now NEW ALBUM FROM K2, GIVING YALL THAT PURE HIP-HOP FOR YOUR SOUL. THE NEW #EMCEE...
Modest - Untitled (Unmixed & Unmastered) EP

Modest – Untitled (Unmixed & Unmastered) EP

Modest is back with his latest EP: Untitled (Unmixed & Unmastered) This is Modest 4th EP that was a great throw together with Gud production...
HoodRichHefs - Fame & Ego

HoodRichHefs – Fame & Ego

HoodRichHefs drops exciting new single, 'Fame & Ego' I’m a rapper from Penrith, Sydney Australia. I’ve been rapping for a year now and I’m...
Diego Govea - Nunca Más

Diego Govea – Nunca Más

Diego Govea announces the release of his new single, 'Nunca Más' Im Diego Govea, ecuadorian artist. Singer and songwriter. https://open.spotify.com/track/0i7TPafGxBJcVtqIwo6DqN?si=4HHoKXaDTluEhLxB1HcbYw FOLLOW ON:  INSTAGRAM
Amaas - Player

Amaas – Player

RnB artist Amaas releases her exciting new single, 'Player' I am Amaas a young artist singer/songwriter who wants to live from her passion. https://open.spotify.com/track/6cGTbFwmQlbHnYczP7LGtM?si=zoUtAUrsRSKQsN2-0pVeXA FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM
Nichelle Colvin - Is This Yo Stop?

Nichelle Colvin – Is This Yo Stop?

Nichelle Colvin presents her new song, 'Is This Yo Stop?' taken off the full album: Locomotive Disclaimer: I felt is necessary to let my fans...
Ka$h Mavz - OverTime

Ka$h Mavz – OverTime

Ka$h Mavz proudly presents his new release, 'OverTime' Upcoming rapper KashMavz is delivering some of the most lyrically and musically motivating creative modules with his...
Brennan Marzella - Broken Memories

Brennan Marzella – Broken Memories

Brennan Marzella proudly presents his debut single, 'Broken Memories' https://open.spotify.com/track/3xWalnTPivB81cNrQRM6qp?si=wcbGa0DsRsam7nkNNeVK0A
Ylyfe C - Nights Get Cold

Ylyfe C – Nights Get Cold

Ylyfe C presents his new song, 'Nights Get Cold' taken off his full album: Above Average 2 Even from behind bars Ylyfe C continues to...
Chris Tijera - Puya

Chris Tijera – Puya

Chris Tijera releases the visuals for his exciting new single, 'Puya' Puya is an up tempo song with a mix of Brazilian funk style beat...
Black Angel - Inglewood Jail

Black Angel – Inglewood Jail

Black Angel presenting: Inglewood Jail This song is based upon a true story of some events that happened in our band many years ago. Great vocals...

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