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Belle VEX – Famous

  Belle VEX - Famous: Belle VEX grew up in the bucolic New England town of New Bedford, MA, dreaming since a young age of...

pagreco – Song to be happy

pagreco - Song to be happy: Inspired on the idea of less is more to be happy...     FOLLOW ON: TWITTER 

Boom Boom – DJ COMBO & PAPAJAM ft. Tony T &...

  Boom Boom - DJ Combo, Papajam, Tony T & DJ Raphael are ready to drop a musical bomb! Check out this awesome new track and...

Tim Qualls – Say You Love Me

Tim Qualls - Say You Love Me: Ever since the release of his debut 2010 EP, “This is Our Land”, Tim Qualls has been...

Introducing KristinaStylz AKA silent k

Introducing KristinaStylz AKA silent k: Newest member of the Moonies Media Cristina M. Mar Aka Kristina K-STYLZ (mainstream stage name) Silent K Knockout (underground stage name). Musical References include: Artist...

Julia Kahn Music – Alice

Julia Kahn Music - Alice: Julia Kahn Music is an Indianapolis-based band that cranks out catchy, bluesy, pop songs laced with Julia’s edgy, heartfelt...

Keith Harkin – Risk the Fall

Keith Harkin - Risk the Fall: On the last go-round, Irish singer/songwriter Keith Harkin brought down the house with his rambunctious video for “Mercy,”...

Gabi Sklar – LA Changes You

Gabi Sklar - LA Changes You: 16-year-old Long Island, NY native Gabi Sklar was fueled at a very young age by a desire to...

Adam Mishan – Boomerang

Boomerang is a song about my desire to share my passion and music with the world and my promise to the most special woman...
Andrea Godin Pic 1

Andrea Godin – Falling (80 Empire remix)

Canadian pop sensation Andrea Godin drops new visuals for the dance remix of her single Falling. Toronto based singer/songwriter Andrea Godin has been making waves...


28 Fre$h - Forever Fresh

28 Fre$h – Forever Fresh

28 fre$h just released his First Ep 'Forever Fresh'. This Ep is the introduction of a new sound coming out of Atlanta any true...
Kirsty Belle - Blinded By Brawn

Kirsty Belle – Blinded By Brawn

Kirsty Belle drops her latest single, 'Blinded By Brawn' Sydney based Scottish singer songwriter Kirsty Belle’s sound can be described as bluesy, pop-house. Blinded By...
K Dot TheHoodFavorite - Street Loner

K Dot TheHoodFavorite – Street Loner

Releasing his first solo project on all platforms “Street Loner”, K Dot TheHoodFavorite continues to bring the people into his world with his delivery...
ThatKidTy - Inside My Mind

ThatKidTy – Inside My Mind

ThatKidTy presenting his single, 'Inside My Mind' I love music, I was in a rough spot in my life, and artists like Juice WRLD, and...
Shellshock Lullaby - Paulina Raptor

Shellshock Lullaby – Paulina Raptor

Shellshock Lullaby are back with their new release, 'Paulina Raptor' Keep grinding and find your niche market. This really didn't fit into any of our...
Defective Monk - Outbreak-pt.1 (Maniacal)

Defective Monk – Outbreak-pt.1 (Maniacal)

Defective Monk is back with his new release, 'Outbreak-pt.1 (Maniacal)' Defective Monk is continuing His music style he calls #AngerTechno - essentially... in a nutshell,...
Jamie Payet - Telephone

Jamie Payet – Telephone

Jamie Payet presenting his single, 'Telephone' Four on the floor, old school rock n roll with a new school sound. Pick up the telephone and...
Jamie Payet - Vegas

Jamie Payet – Vegas

Jamie Payet PRESENTS: Vegas New School Sound with an Old School Vibe. Full steam ahead, foot tapping, country shuffling, feel good.. let's go to Vegas. Yee...


New album, 'ACTIVATED' by Knight I was born in Baltimore, Maryland. Tossed between two family’s because my parents never got married. At the age of...
DJ Boogie Down - Its Been A Long While

DJ Boogie Down – Its Been A Long While

DJ Boogie Down presenting his latest single, 'Its Been A Long While' DJ/Producer from chicago. It's been a long while is a great song that...
Mack Mj - Cant Even Lie (feat.) Wacotron

Mack Mj – Cant Even Lie (feat.) Wacotron

Mack Mj presenting his new single, 'Cant Even Lie' featuring Wacotron Upcoming Artist From Waco Texas Mack Mj. This Is My First Collaboration. I chose...
Baileys Ghost - Recluse

Baileys Ghost – Recluse

Baileys Ghost PRESENTS: Recluse Fast rap song about mental health https://open.spotify.com/track/40DydVMfNddBcKYsAlV5Bc?si=135dab87aabd4f0b PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON:  INSTAGRAM | WEBSITE

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