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Pharoh D – Church (Black 2 Reality)

Pharoh D released his highly sought after album Black 2 Reality last month. Today he brings to you Church. Again, Pharoh hits you with...

Pharoh D – Knowledge

Pharoh D - Knowledge (Produced by Big Skinny). This Nas infused beat is brought to life by chilling lyrics from Pharoh D. Black 2...

Pharoh D – Pharoh King

  Pharoh King is the first video released from the Jamaica born emcee's first studio album, Black 2 Reality. The song is only about 90...

Pharoh D – Climax

With his first album Black 2 Reality set to drop next month (March), Pharoh D hits you with some more heat. Produced by Big...

Pharoh D – Hip Hop Lynch Letter

Hip Hop Lynch Letter - From the groundbreaking, award winning, indie film CHAIN MUSIC. Pharoh D continues to deliver quality thought provoking music. Black...

Pharoh D – Pharoh King / Black2Reality

Pharoh D - Pharoh King / Black2Reality: 90 Seconds of PURE FLAMESSSS!

Pharoh D – Jungle Music Ft Kadija Christie

Pharoh D brings to us 'Jungle Music' Ft Kadija Christie. Pharoh D was born in Jamaica and raised in Miami. Pharoh D has been buying rap albums since he was 7 years old. His favorite rapper is the greatest rapper of all time, Nas. Pharoh D is rap, reggae and jazz fused together. Pharoh D reaches depths not many can reach and his flows are always on point.

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