Tag: Latin Music

Kuro – Luces Nocturnas

Kuro proudly presents his single, 'Luces Nocturnas' Music Producer/Artist who loves making Latin beats. When I was making this beat, I visualized this song playing...

Shelly – Twerk

Shelly returns with her brand new single, 'Twerk' Shelly is a 24 year old singer/songwriter from Bogota, Colombia. She incorporates urban and latin beats in...

Andrea Zuñiga – Enredo

Andrea Zuñiga releases her exiciting new single, 'Enredo' Artist: Andrea Zuñiga Single: Enredo Genre: Latin Reggaeton / Pop Urbano Latin reggaeton singer and influencer from Mexico Andrea Zuñiga...

Mariannah y Diego – Ascenso

Mariannah y Diego RELEASE their new single, 'Ascenso' Ascenso is a fresh new song from the Christian duo Mariannah y Diego. The song, about Christ's...

Carlos Peña y su Big Band – Te Extraño

Carlos Peña y su Big Band present their exciting new release, 'Te Extraño' IA romantic music odyssey in Latin pop bolero with jazz elements. A...

Irma Aguilar – Tu Pagaras

Irma Aguilar proudly presents: Tu Pagaras Autores: Irma y Nicolas Aguilar Producido por Henry Gomez Violines: Miguel Guzman, Antonio Guzman, Arturo Pasalagua Carlos Rosas y Miguel Guzman Jr Trompeta:...

Ivan Rubio – Criminal (Spanglish) [Remix]

Ivan Rubio returns with his new single: Criminal (Spanglish) Anyone who has loved deeply will relate to this song. This track will hook you...

Timebelle – Dopamina

DOPAMINA is another fruitful collaboration between Timebelle (music), Andrei Tostogan, Alejandro Reyes (lyrics) and Andy Platon (production). Recorded in Zürich and produced in Bucharest, DOPAMINA...

JJavier y Andiel Los Androides – Reconoces El Sonido

JJavier y Andiel Los Androides announces the release of his new album, 'Reconoces El Sonido' JJavier y Andiel Los Androides "Reconoces El Sonido" https://open.spotify.com/album/3ymOUly1w4MW4SK6UDXgtH?si=LDdXzwFmS9KIR_sohC2COw FOLLOW ON: TWITTER...

Irma Aguilar – Dos Mundos

Irma Aguilar proudly presenting her latest album release, 'Dos Mundos' Album: Dos Mundos Autores: Irma y Nicolas Aguilar Producido por Henry Gomez Violines: Miguel Guzman, Antonio Guzman, Arturo...


CaNn CaNn – Queen

CaNn CaNn is back with a brand new single: Queen. CaNn CaNn is an artist and songwriter based in Brooklyn, NYC. He was actually raised...

Reckless and Wild – Let Freedom Ring

Reckless and Wild present their track, 'Let Freedom Ring' taken off their full album At the Movies What do you call a band where the...
DJ G-String - All These Nights (Techno Remix)

DJ G-String – All These Nights (Techno Remix)

DJ G-String presenting her new single, 'All These Nights (Techno Remix)' All These Nights Techno remix has a luscious layered sound with gorgeous vocals and...
Emeljay Legacy - B-boy for Life

Emeljay Legacy – B-boy for Life

Emeljay Legacy releases his new single, 'B-boy for Life' Melvin Lerron jackson AKA "Emeljay Legacy" is a self taught musician, rapper/singer and Poet from ENY...
Punish - Take Dat Shot

Punish – Take Dat Shot

Punish dropping his new single release, 'Take Dat Shot' Punish was Raised in San Jose c.a. he has a style of his own. A mix...
Jay Staxx - Cosmic

Jay Staxx – Cosmic

New single, 'Cosmic' by Jay Staxx Co-Founder and Artist of Loyalty Over Royalty Records. It's a family business based out of San Diego, CA but...
The Honey Empire - Jealous

The Honey Empire – Jealous

The Honey Empire introducing a new studio single: Jealous. The Honey Empire is a band from Denver, Colorado. The group has a focus on creating...
Yvalain - Tender Feelings

Yvalain – Tender Feelings

"Tender Feelings" a song composed and played by Yvalain, with Mark Taylor on acoustic guitar and harmonica and Juha Hintikka on recorder. I composed...
Chris Donohoe - Cut Too Depp

Chris Donohoe – Cut Too Deep

Cut Too Deep is the first single and track off of Chris Donohoe's new EP release "Let The Light In." “Cut Too Deep” is about...
Yvalain - Lazy or Broken (feat. Glenn Basham)

Yvalain – Lazy or Broken (feat. Glenn Basham)

"Lazy or Broken" composed and played by Yvalain with Glenn Basham on vocals and Stephen Jones on electric guitar. A song fed by my...
Yvalain - Berlin

Yvalain – Berlin

"BERLIN" is a song composed and played by Yvalain, with Juha on wind instruments and Remco Heemskerk on guitar solo on the final. This...
Flyn Hawyn - No Home

Flyn Hawyn – No Home

Flyn Hawyn presenting his new single, 'No Home' This is a beach vibes type of song that I really like. It is about being on...

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