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Lanterns of Hope – There was this Girl

Check out the new song, 'There was this Girl' by Lanterns of Hope   Lanterns of Hope is a neo-folk project with a layer of...

Lanterns of Hope – The River

Lanterns of Hope releases new single titled, 'The River' Lanterns of Hope boasts the aesthetic of neo-folk anthems. https://open.spotify.com/track/5B3MtiOZE6qeHxF2Q74hNb FOLLOW ON: FACEBOOK | WEBSITE

Lanterns of Hope – Sea Song

Check out the single, 'Sea Song' by Lanterns of Hope The newest single by Northwest neo-folk act Lanterns of Hope. https://open.spotify.com/track/7CbDt4iVAyMvjJ0ydSTosJ FOLLOW ON: FACEBOOK | WEBSITE

Lanterns of Hope – There Was This Girl

Lanterns of Hope presenting his exciting new single, 'There Was This Girl' Eastern-Washington's Lanterns of Hope melds pensive lyrics, absorbing guitar playing, and subdued vocals,...


Mousewater - Shiny Nuevo

Mousewater – Shiny Nuevo

SHINY NUEVO is the highly anticipated third album by indie artist MOUSEWATER. Featuring some great songs including the singles RIVAL and SILO. Check it...
Soundwaves - Found My Way

Soundwaves – Found My Way

Soundwaves drops his new single, 'Found My Way' Found My Way is Soundwaves's first single after 2 years. This song is designed to help your...
AmacThedesigner - Empty Streets

AmacThedesigner – Empty Streets

AmacThedesigner returns with his latest track, 'Empty Streets' Off top rapper out of California Los Angeles bringing good energy and flows to The music world...
Island boy k - Make You Mine

Island boy k – Make You Mine

New single, 'Make You Mine' from Island boy k Prod by island boy k Written by island boy k Mixed and mastered by BURDBRAIN https://open.spotify.com/track/6i9rKdvjeslOD8ZqCPNBZe?si=qNF-YJ9SRwui_nh9bzA65A PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON:  INSTAGRAM
Reeso - Pull Up

Reeso – Pull Up

Presenting new single, 'Pull Up' from Reeso  From Detroit wanted to make a lit song and that’s how we’re here. https://open.spotify.com/track/63GgyvxTCegCCeFm3xmvQB?si=2p3CIZ_RSfKsfzT3arbKMg FOLLOW ON:  INSTAGRAM
ToniSteelz - Google Me

ToniSteelz – Google Me

ToniSteelz returns with her brand new single, 'Google Me' ToniSteelz is a Grammy considered, multi award winning artist from Brooklyn, NY. Google Me is an...
Neer TNW - Jumex (Down Bad 2)

Neer TNW – Jumex (Down Bad 2)

Neer TNW presents his exciting new track, 'Jumex (Down Bad 2)' This song to me represents just getting tired of being mistreated and realizing my...
Tkothegentleman - Come Over

Tkothegentleman – Come Over

Tkothegentleman presents his new song, 'Come Over' https://open.spotify.com/track/06AnPY7id9GnqCO07Ts5QV?si=_FGovreHQ7C7HhmAk6Wj9Q FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM
Youngkinguno & Yr.rollie - YOU

Youngkinguno & Yr.rollie – YOU

Youngkinguno & Yr.rollie release their new track, 'YOU' bringing a very R&B and Soul feeling to the Hip-Hop and Rap genre. It's filled with...
John Tyler - Come Together feat. Neon June & Brandon Woody

John Tyler – Come Together feat. Neon June & Brandon Woody

Brand new single, 'Come Together' by John Tyler featuring Neon June & Brandon Woody "Come Together" is an upbeat, joyful, catchy song about unity and...
Si Connelly - If I Were

Si Connelly – If I Were

Si Connelly returns with his new single, 'If I Were' New single 'If I Were' is the sixth single to be taken from Si's forthcoming...
Ylyfe C - Gorgeous

Ylyfe C – Gorgeous

Ylyfe C presents his exciting new single, 'Gorgeous' Even from behind bars Ylyfe C continues to feed the streets with music and visuals keeping his...

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