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J-LeScientific – Trap Game

J-LeScientific is back with the visuals for his single, 'Trap Game' Trap is Game J-LeScientific says, do you play it right PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK |...

J-LeScientific – What’s Up

J-LeScientific is back with his new single, 'What's Up' The West meet the East for a G-Funk summer track. J-LeScientific brings up Lowriders, a L.A thing...

J-LeScientific – No Time Don’t Care

J-LeScientific is back presenting the Official Music Video for his latest single, 'No Time Don't Care' J-LeScientific Joins MTL Connection with a Banger J.Cole Type...

J-LeScientific – I Could ( Souké Zouk )

J-LeScientific presenting his single, 'I Could' ( Souké Zouk ) J-LeScientific Came back with an Fire Afro Trap Beat to Souké Zouk! There is a lot...

J-LeScientific – Push

J-LeScientific proudly presents the visuals for his latest single, 'Push' Life is not easy, but this is not a reason to stay back and complain! J-LeScientific...

J-LeScientific – The Creed 2019

J-LeScientific presenting his latest project, 'The Creed 2019' Screw A Resolution, 2019 Make it Work! This is J-LeScientific's Creed, going hard! No day off, no...

J-LeScientific – Hey Ohh

J-LeScientific releases the Official Music video for his new single 'Hey Ohh' J-LeScientific gives shots to 6ix9ine, Montreal to Toronto with a summer track Calling out...

J-LeScientific – Black Sistaz

J-LeScientific - Black Sistaz: J-LeScientific Featuring Dice B - Whitebwoy9 and Chris Kai, A music for our Black Women, about their beauty strength and importance!...


Joswun - Where I'm From

Joswun – Where I’m From

New single, 'Where I'm From', written/produced/arranged by Joswun is rooted in a throwback boom bap Hip Hop vibe with a modern twist. Joswun breaks the...
Vblock Dutch - Son Of A Beat

Vblock Dutch – Son Of A Beat

Vblock Dutch introducing new single and album, Son Of A Beat. Vblock Dutch is the moniker behind the work of Karlanthony Wilkins, a rapper and...

Mr Chill Will, Shooter & Joey Natus – Do It Again

Mr. Chill Will, Shooter & Joey Natus releasing new single, “Do It Again.”  “Do It Again” is a fantastic brand new single from 3 of...
A.E.Charles - 808s & Heartbreak

A.E.Charles – 808s & Heartbreak

A.E.Charles is back with his new release, '808s & Heartbreak' This is a heartbreak song about betrayal and the way it makes you feel. https://open.spotify.com/track/57GV4gNFsDk8hzOGS6AEC0 PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW...
Ann McCarthy - Johnny

Ann McCarthy – Johnny

Ann McCarthy proudly presents new single,  'Johnny' Ann McCarthy is a musician living in Southern California. This song is influenced heavily by the Southern California...
JsapDaMusilkNerd - Run

JsapDaMusilkNerd – Run

The Song 'Run' by JsapDaMusikNerd is currently #2 on the soundcloud New & Hot Dance and EDM charts. When we created the song. We...
Interstate Runnaz - Beat Boxin’

Interstate Runnaz – Beat Boxin’

Presenting the new single, 'Beat Boxin’' by Interstate Runnaz The Interstate Runnaz showcase their talents on their debut single with heavy hitting bars and intriguing...
My Eclectic Self - Let it Out

My Eclectic Self – Let it Out

My Eclectic Self presenting, 'Let it Out' We are the solution to every problem we have in life. In order to overcome any obstacle, we...
Mizz Frankie J Beatz - Basketball Wife

Mizz Frankie J Beatz – Basketball Wife

New single, 'Basketball Wife' by Rapper/Producer Mizz Frankie J Beatz prod by Pleur Beats https://open.spotify.com/track/7x5WXhH2OrxbLxjRJ0f8E9?si=N8Z7dT3aQgGJEpoRlHt2Mg PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM
Blackoutondabeat - Twerk That

Blackoutondabeat – Twerk That

Blackoutondabeat proudly presenting new single, 'Twerk That' Twerk That is a uptempo track inspired by the night life ! https://open.spotify.com/track/0RQ1ZrDgSmOEsStC6bhRqb?si=tk4VwE08TDuknkJwkDtUpw FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | WEBSITE
Philip Cristancho - Camionero 2019

Philip Cristancho – Camionero 2019

Philip Cristancho presenting exciting new single, 'Camionero 2019' Check out my latest release Camionero 2019 https://open.spotify.com/track/27ubvyQG0aCCdI3Q8SAgPR PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM | WEBSITE | YOUTUBE
Llashe - Sounds From Beyond

Llashe – Sounds From Beyond

Check out the exciting new release, 'Sounds From Beyond' by Llashe Upcoming artist. Afro Music, Rap all fused together. Lashe Lahan known as Llashe. Latest...

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