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Eliza Arnone -10 Feet

Check out the Official Music Video for '10 Feet' by Eliza Arnone Lightbulbs symbolize illumination in the darkness, fresh ideas, inspiration, the sudden flickering into...

Eliza Arnone – EPK

Eliza Arnone - EPK: New Jersey's Eliza Arnone is a blossoming talent who has achieved in a matter of only a few short years what...


$ebbuku - Believe

$ebbuku – Believe

$ebbuku drops his new single titled, 'Believe' I wrote this song as I really liked the flow of it and how i got the ideas...
Rhett May - Kiss Your Mama With That Mouth

Rhett May – Kiss Your Mama With That Mouth

Rhett May is back with his new single, 'Kiss Your Mama With That Mouth' RAW…and with beautifully placed guitar riffs, amazing vocals and stellar songwriting…Rhett...
Abz Winter - Incompatible Me

Abz Winter – Incompatible Me

Abz Winter introducing brand new single: “Incompatible Me.”  At the young age of 17, British singer/songwriter Abz Winter is already making headlines with her unique...
Dior Gipson - Toonami-X

Dior Gipson – Toonami-X

Check out Dior Gipson's new single, 'Toonami-X' https://open.spotify.com/track/1FU9RozCclAIH7L1nxiv89   PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | INSTAGRAM
Rhoda Mclaren - Hands Up

Rhoda Mclaren – Hands Up

Check out the new single, 'Hands Up' by Rhoda Mclaren Hi my name is Rhoda, i was born in Britain, i have always had a...
Geebeats - Patience (feat. Kavi)

Geebeats – Patience (feat. Kavi)

Geebeats present a new single titled, 'Patience' featuring Kavi When asked about the perception of the song, Scherzer said, “I hope it is viewed as...


B.WELL drops his new album titled, 'W.E.S.T' (Well Established & Still Trippin') Born in '91 means being just old enough to miss the golden age....
JC Hill - Thinking Back

JC Hill – Thinking Back

"Thinking back" by JC Hill When I was young I was very lonely, being the youngest my older siblings wouldn't hang out with me. I...
Fishstick Patterson - 2in2covenient

Fishstick Patterson – 2in2covenient

Fishstick Patterson is back with a new single, '2in2covenient' Rapper Fishstick Patterson release a scorching diss against former Presidential Candidate/Bitchass Al Gore https://open.spotify.com/track/5hdGfuJxEThWGEDiXvMbUR   FOLLOW ON: TWITTER |...
Silent - What Love Can Be (A Fragments Single)

Silent – What Love Can Be (A Fragments Single)

Silent drop their new single, 'What Love Can Be (A Fragments Single)' Sillent, an AOR /Hard Rock band based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was...
Interview with 'Balyztyk'

Interview with ‘Balyztyk’

Hip Hop recording artist Balyztyk is bringing something old and something new to the rap game. With a unique background and a straightforward conscious...
Queen Dej - Rent Due (Prod By. BeatsByCandice)video

Queen Dej – Rent Due (Prod By. BeatsByCandice)

Check out the visuals for, 'Rent Due' released by Queen Dej Prod By. BeatsByCandice Available Everywhere FOLLOW ON: FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | YOUTUBE

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