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Dalby – Not Alone

Dalby is back with her new single, 'Not Alone' Sitting in 8th grade science class 13 year old Dalby watched a friend come back to...

Dalby – Introduction

Proudly presenting, 'Introduction' new album by Dalby Join 13 year old sensation Dalby in this 4 song journey from the opening track Sweet and Nice...

Dalby – Don’t Let This Town Fool You

Presenting, 'Don’t Let This Town Fool You' by Dalby This song follows Junction Town Blues. Don’t Let This Down Fool You tells a story about...

Dalby – Silence is Deafening

Dalby is back with a new song titled, 'Silence is Deafening' Dark, raw and powerful song by 13 year old sensation Dalby https://open.spotify.com/track/78Nv4SLz1mtmjwKSpB4NpT?si=q8oEg96ISli3Bpp4xVVlRQ FOLLOW ON: TWITTER |...

Dalby – Sweet and Nice

Dalby is back with a new single, 'Sweet and Nice' Sometimes what you’re looking for is right in front of your eyes https://open.spotify.com/track/2J6pXDQkTE4czN75iuUNiO?si=2TS_sCDsSoymogNtziyvhA PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: TWITTER |...

Dalby – Time and Place

Dalby presenting her debut album, 'Time and Place' Dalby is a 13 year old professional musician and songwriter quickly making her presence felt in the...

Dalby – Don’t Ask Me Why

Don’t Ask Me Why by Dalby, is a song with a cool retro 90’s sound. Lyrics take you inside the internal struggle of a...

Dalby – Water’s Fine

Dalby is back with another new single, 'Water’s Fine' Beautiful song by 13 year old sensation Dalby. Water’s Fine reminds us all to live life...

Dalby – Junction Town Blues

Dalby is back with a new single, 'Junction Town Blues' Haunting organ paints the picture of this rust belt town. 13 year old songwriter Dalby...

Dalby – Stare Down

Dalby is back with a new single, 'Stare Down' 13 year old Dalby writes songs that are vague...open for interpretation. Stare Down was originally inspired...


The Collier Experience - Together Again

The Collier Experience – Together Again

The Collier Experience are back with a festive new single, 'Together Again' The Collier Experience have a LOT of music ready to release and have...
Mindmassage - Sailing Away

Mindmassage – Sailing Away

Mindmassage recently released 'Sailing Away', a dance vaporwave oriented song with an instantly catching inspiring chorus that embraces a deep emotive ride with sexy,...
J*SwiZzag & Dmorse - Deep

J*SwiZzag & Dmorse – Deep

Presenting new single, 'Deep' by J*SwiZzag & Dmorse J*SwiZzag and DMorse Take Us All Around The World Going 'Deep' Into The Night... With a House...
Giuliano Perticara - Under the Rain

Giuliano Perticara – Under the Rain

Giuliano Perticara proudly presenting new song, 'Under the Rain' This track is like being under the rain, just under the rain without umbrella, it's the...
Electric Ent - Shouting For Yourself

Electric Ent – Shouting For Yourself

New single, 'Shouting For Yourself' by Electric Ent A Solid Pop/New Wave Inviting To The Dance https://open.spotify.com/track/1mFG6nljrId25QLSgjFZle?si=Tcio-RXZSBmHGLbV9LQP6g FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM

M.N.I.W – Climax

M.N.I.W presenting new track, 'Climax' Track from latest project - “Kintsukaroi: the KaRes Project” https://open.spotify.com/track/0THeyo6dfCJrKwmtJIOjpn?si=CQNX03j2R7qJJP7KJSoZTQ FOLLOW ON: INSTAGRAM
Invisible Triangles - Liberty

Invisible Triangles – Liberty

Presenting new single, 'Liberty' released by Invisible Triangles The final single release of 2019, invisible triangles created this song to help individuals release their negativity...
Brae Leni - Make Sho

Brae Leni – Make Sho

Brae Leni proudly presenting new single, 'Make Sho' Brae Leni & Jordan Craighead knew they struck gold as soon as they started putting this song...
Barlo - Body Blow

Barlo – Body Blow

Barlo proudly presenting her exciting new single, 'Body Blow' When the world hits you with an unexpected Body Blow we don't buckle because of who...
NIGHTBREAKERS - Bloodshot Blue Eyes

NIGHTBREAKERS – Bloodshot Blue Eyes

NIGHTBREAKERS proudly presenting their single, 'Bloodshot Blue Eyes' Bloodshot Blue Eyes was the debut single from the energetic pop act NIGHTBREAKERS, and this song showcases...
Felitche - Come To Life

Felitche – Come To Life

Felitche proudly presenting new single, 'Come To Life' Felitche Hutchinson is a pop/EDM DJ & singer originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He first hit success...
TAJLA - Like That

TAJLA – Like That

New single, 'Like That' released by TAJLA TAJLA is a 22 year old singer, songwriter and producer from Melbourne, Australia. Her sound is an eclectic...

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