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CrDnlSn – Ooh

CrDnlSn presents, 'Ooh' "Got em lovin my Ooh, Ooh, Ooh, Ooh"! From the critically acclaimed album Porno 4 The Blind comes the latest smash single...

CrDnlSn – Freaks N Geeks

ArtistRack brings to you 'Freaks N Geeks' by CrDnlSn: Some of us freaks, and some of us geeks, but CrDnlSn is a Freak and a...

CrDnlSn – How I Died

CrDnlSn presents, 'How I Died' Join CrDnlSn on his quest to find out how he died, from the critically acclaimed Mic Is Life, Vol. 7 https://open.spotify.com/track/15s1dbYV64mjtux1uThIJ4?si=af6c8bbefac842f2 PURCHASE...

CrDnlSn – True Love

CrDnlSn presenting his new track, 'True Love' From the dopest album of 2022 Mic Is Life, Vol. 7 by CrDnlSn comes the smash single True...

CrDnlSn – Black Mask

CrDnlSn returns with his new release, 'Black Mask' Black Mask, the latest dope from PG Countys own CrDnlSn, off his latest project Mic Is Life,...

CrDnlSn – LMAO

CrDnlSn presents his new track, 'LMAO' Mic Is Life, Vol. 6 available on Itunes and Mic Is Life, Vol. 7 coming this Halloween! https://open.spotify.com/track/3mTHBtwZ0BHgRt2kqFoE74?si=9de0a722de474cbd PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON:...

CrDnlSn – No Goonz

CrDnlSn presenting his latest track, 'No Goonz' Off the critically acclaimed and few copy selling album Mic Is Life, Vol. 6, CrDnlSn presents No Goonz,...

CrDnlSn – LMAO

CrDnlSn - LMAO off his latest project, Mic Is Life, Vol. 6. "The latest and greatest in earcandy technology"-The Pope https://open.spotify.com/track/3mTHBtwZ0BHgRt2kqFoE74?si=xb-xFUyYQ5qE2bM2J1JEKg PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: TWITTER |...

CrDnlSn – Follow Me

Check out, 'Follow Me' BY CrDnlSn Social media and modern technology has opened us up to a world of possibilities, but also a world of...

CrDnlSn – Cursed Box

CrDnlSn presents his new track titled: Cursed Box From the wormhole to the earhole, CrDnlSn once again provides the type of ear candy you've been...


Desean - Szn 2

Desean – Szn 2

Evansville, Indiana Based Desean Drops Highly Anticipated Album "SZN 2" - A Must-Hear Release for Hip-Hop Fans Desean, the talented rapper and songwriter hailing from...
Bossman Boskeyacht - COACH

Bossman Boskeyacht – COACH

Bossman Boskeyacht drops his new single, 'COACH' Flint, Mi native John “BOSSMAN Boskeyacht” Brooks starting Co-Owner of record label Gold Rush Records in 2017. This...
BamSavage - Hardest

BamSavage – Hardest

BamSavage presenting his single, 'Hardest' I make music for you FOLLOW ON:  INSTAGRAM
Emma Zander, Camille Hyde - Flower Girl

Emma Zander, Camille Hyde – Flower Girl

Real life besties CAMILLE HYDE & EMMA ZANDER present their debut single FLOWER GIRL. Armed with a retro-inspired music video and a strategic TikTok...
Niglevel - Master East

Niglevel – Master East

Brooklyn / Queens NY Based Niglevel Drops Latest Single "Master East" - A Must-Hear Release for Old School Hip-Hop Fans BROOKLYN / QUEENS, NY -...
Anne Garr - Do You Remember

Anne Garr – Do You Remember

Anne Garr excited to release her new single, 'Do You Remember' Canadian singer/songwriter Anne Garr is introducing her first country ballad single co-written with Grammy...
Natalia Damini - Attitude

Natalia Damini – Attitude

Natalia Damini excited to present her new single, 'Attitude'
Vicious kitty - Struggle

Vicious kitty – Struggle

Vicious Kitty presenting their single, 'Struggle' Vicious Kitty is a Seattle based rock band with a unique sound that is crashing through the music industry....
Young Grey - Celebrate

Young Grey – Celebrate

Check out, 'Celebrate' a single Young Grey   This will make you feel good and want to get up and dance.
DÔN - Ya no me dejo caer

DÔN – Ya no me dejo caer

First single by the Spanish band Dôn, "Ya no me dejo caer" (I don't let myself fall anymore). A song that deals with the...
Papi LoMein - Get To It!

Papi LoMein – Get To It!

DMV artist 'Papi LoMein' has released the official music video to his single 'Get To It!' featured off of his latest installment 'Papi 2' FOLLOW...
The Soul Exchange - Cirice (Album: Bloodbound (Expanded Edition))

The Soul Exchange – Cirice (Album: Bloodbound (Expanded Edition))

For the first time, The Soul Exchange's rendition of the Ghost song "Cirice" is now available for streaming as part of the re-release of...

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