Coby Bright - Frozen Morning

Coby Bright – Frozen Morning

Coby Bright -  Frozen Morning:'Frozen Morning' salutes all the people and commuters who travel a lot for work. Los Angeles influenced hip hop beats and deep bass lines meet jazzy pop melodies. Jet lag is fo... Read More...
Coby Bright - Freeze

Coby Bright – Freeze

  Freeze is Coby's first official single release. Its hypnotic, almost Philip Glass type of an arrangement and deep soundscape takes you to the unexpected musical places.PURCHASE HERE FOLLOW ON: TWIT... Read More...

Coby Bright – Oregon (single release)

Oregon was a superior experience on a West Coast road trip for Coby. Listen to the sparkling notes of the track. You can hear the mentality of the great Oregonians.
Coby Bright

Coby Bright – Morro Bay

Coby Bright brings to us Morro Bay, which was composed while he was on a road trip in California and was very mesmerized about All-American unknown surfer city of Morro Bay.