Chàrlee M. – No One Knows

Chàrlee M. - No One Knows: Chàrlee M. is going on a timetravel again and this time it gets personal! About one year after her debut single "Live My Dream" has been released and the follow up "Back in Time" has... Read More...
Chàrlee M. - Back In Time

Chàrlee M. – Back In Time

Chàrlee M. - Back In Time:On a journey back in time with Chàrlee M.!Charlee M. takes us on a time travel to the glorious days of the „Roaring Twenties“ with her second single „Back In Time“ This era is ... Read More...

Chàrlee M. – Live my Dream

'Live my Dream': Dreams come true - Chàrlee M. publishes her first song – Dance-Pop at its finestThe Bielefeld native Charlene Marie Janzen, better known by her stage name Charlee M., has fulfilled her personal life-long dream: With "Live My Dream" her first song will hit the market in September 2015, which she wrote and produced with producer Andre Müther (D-Lay Productions, Jenifer Brening, Hypnotic Beat).