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Black Angel – Funny Girl (AOC Tribute)

ArtistRack brings to you 'Funny Girl (AOC Tribute)' by Black Angel: I originally wrote this song about my wife, but she is very much like...

Black Angel – I’ve Got No Time (featuring Andrea Buchanan)

Black Angel presenting, "I've Got No Time" featuring Andrea Buchanan Black Angel had a tribute show for our late bass player, Ronnie Turner (son of...

Black Angel – Hip Hop Songs (featuring Audrey ‘Mrs. Ike’ Turner)

Black Angel presenting, 'Hip Hop Songs' (featuring Audrey 'Mrs. Ike' Turner) Audrey (Mrs. Ike) Turner joined Black Angel with Ronnie Turner, our bass player and...

Black Angel – Pink (Tunnel of Love)

Black Angel presenting new release: Pink (Tunnel of Love) I wrote a song called "Tunnel Of Love" a number of years ago & never recorded...

Black Angel – Civilized Evil Man

Black Angel presenting the music video for their new release, 'Civilized Evil Man' This song came about when I met a solo touring musician who...

Black Angel – One Beer

Black Angel presenting their latest song, 'One Beer' "Song Of The Year" as selected by Chuck Eddy, senior music editor of Billboard Magazine a few...

Black Angel – Brown California Hills (w Ava Gardner & Frank...

Black Angel presenting their release, 'Brown California Hills' (w Ava Gardner & Frank Sinatra) It is fun putting a video together featuring Ava Gardner, one...

Black Angel – Livin’ Large (featuring the Trailer Park Boys)

"Liivin' Large" is the true story of Black Angel setting up a great gig for a band from the California desert at a club...

Black Angel – Inglewood Jail (with Cory & Ernie Orosco)

ArtistRack brings to you 'Inglewood Jail (with Cory & Ernie Orosco)' by Black Angel: Ernie and Cory Orosco were two of the greatest musicians to...

Black Angel – Go For It (Elvira, Mistress of the Dark,...

ArtistRack brings to you 'Go For It (Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, Tribute Video)' by Black Angel: We wrote this song, "Go For It", when...


Dr8co - Tell me why

Dr8co – Tell me why

Dr8co excited to present his new single, 'Tell me why' Stick around i will be releasing a new song every month 🔥 FOLLOW ON:  YOUTUBE
DNT TRillz - King Of My City

DNT TRillz – King Of My City

DNT TRillz presents his latest single, 'King Of My City' Trillz DNT also known as Trillz was born and raised in Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY. Trillz...
Ghost in the Machine - Hearbreaker (Crushed)

Ghost in the Machine – Hearbreaker (Crushed)

Ghost in the Machine presenting 'Hearbreaker (Crushed)' Crushed & Shattered explores 2 covers Pat Benatar's Heartbreaker. "Crushed" is a moody acoustic, unplugged reinterpretation that focuses...
Rob Lalain - The Way

Rob Lalain – The Way

Novi, Michigan USA - Rob Lalain, a self-taught musician, songwriter, and producer, has released a new song titled "The Way" from his latest album...
Soulcare - Etoile Filante (Live at Milano Jazz club)

Soulcare – Etoile Filante (Live at Milano Jazz club)

Soulcare presenting, Etoile Filante (Live at Milano Jazz club) « Etoile filante » composed by Rodrigo Pahlen and Yann Gaslain Recording from Live at Milano Jazz club Barcelona This is...
Jade Ashtangini - Reflecting in Nature

Jade Ashtangini – Reflecting in Nature

Jade Ashtangini is back with her new single, 'Reflecting in Nature' My new music is out now - “Reflecting in Nature” is a very tranquil...
Conker The Reaper - Sweet Release

Conker The Reaper – Sweet Release

Sweet Release by Conker The Reaper  If you had a problem with addiction this song is for you
James Douglas Cooper – Won't Change Time

James Douglas Cooper – Won’t Change Time

'Won't Change Time' is the latest single lifted from James Douglas Cooper's third album 'In Pursuit of the Firebird'. The song's mid-tempo, poetic feel...
Rain Opera - Open

Rain Opera – Open

Rain Opera presenting, 'Open' Rain Opera is led by singer/songwriter Segrid Coleman. Rain Opera features complex, emotional melodies combined with strong songwriting and vocal performance....
The Artist AR - We Balling

The Artist AR – We Balling

The Artist AR presenting his new single, 'We Balling' The Artist AR is also known Arkwordz Rebel. He creatively uses arkward moments I his music...
Careful Gaze - Emerald Light

Careful Gaze – Emerald Light

Careful Gaze has released a new anthemic emo / post hardcore song called Emerald Light about surviving a visit from death. The band leaves...
Greg Gould - Marching On

Greg Gould – Marching On

Greg Gould releases his new single, 'Marching On' Brand new anthem by Greg Gould. Powerful, energetic and heartfelt.

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