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And the Animal – Mayan Lullaby

EP "OXIB'" may be And The Animal's most eclectic release. This tune, 'Mayan Lullaby' is a favorite that pays tribute to the genius of...

And the Animal – CDMX

From And the Animal's EP 'Fire" comes 'CDMX' an epic latin infused gem as a tribute to Mexico City's sounds and culture. https://open.spotify.com/track/35Ba8RtTuUXq2vLrNCjIIQ?si=B7S7CsM6SCSq1MVApXDU9Q FOLLOW ON: FACEBOOK...

And the Animal – Persia

From And the Animal's fifth EP ZINKO comes this chill tune 'Persia' with some 80's undertones. https://open.spotify.com/track/0wYpbyY4AY1Gi0oIS2V2o8?si=TEbjrlqYRZ2rm7-Fch5m_g   FOLLOW ON: FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | WEBSITE |

And The Animal – Jellyfish Juice

And The Animal present: Jellyfish Juice Hip Hop high energy at its best. This tune is a perfect pregame pump up song from And The...

And The Animal – Utopia

New song, 'Utopia' by And The Animal From their first EP "ONE", another clubbing favorite. https://open.spotify.com/track/5tHUK9UK1OqYbbePTuf0Xi?si=N5ie9ygyQ46gVGz6buxntw FOLLOW ON: FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | WEBSITE

And The Animal – Soulful

And The Animal proudly present their track: Soulful A classic from And The Animal, from their first EP "ONE", still a great tune to jam...

And the Animal – Gasoline

And the Animal return with their brand new track, 'Gasoline' Single from the new EP "Zinko" https://open.spotify.com/track/6ErSFEOrOcZosaA5HBhnxf?si=VLUCy9erQAOdFRYhcbee0w FOLLOW ON:  FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | WEBSITE

And the Animal – Out Of My Head

Brand new track, 'Out Of My Head' by And the Animal Soul vibes in this tune from the new EP "Zinko" https://open.spotify.com/track/6DWAPet1ap0GLsMcIKYBZ9?si=VNSZ5k8rSlCwu8GMUiA-mQ FOLLOW ON:  FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM...

And the Animal – Jellyfish Juice

And the Animal presenting, 'Jellyfish Juice' And the Animal and Snakez pair up for this powerful tune. https://open.spotify.com/track/5V5gPs4gt7mDaPMP15rbmw?si=KLKE1OGzQ3GTYIbjO-SXtQ FOLLOW ON: FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | WEBSITE

And the Animal – Moonlight

And the Animal is back with a brand new single, 'Moonlight' And the Animal teams up with D.tha.G to bring this summer tune to life. https://open.spotify.com/track/0jaWRjtES6wcGr4upwWAUd?si=StopoQ3rR3iVvdzc77uCqw FOLLOW...


Playa Swade - Don't Move

Playa Swade – Don’t Move

Playa Swade drops his new single, 'Don't Move' "Don't Move" bangin new stripclub song from Atlanta "s own Playa Swade. Out now on all platform's. https://open.spotify.com/track/5Lun6lkAT1VJVP5WLrPNHx?si=fsPR-XUFRLyTfwcIhIIRaA&utm_source=copy-link PURCHASE...
Akash - Sundari

Akash – Sundari

  Akash is back on the scene with a fantastic new release: Sundari February 2021 - Akash is an artist and songwriter with a focus on...
Maro DēLo - Breathe You

Maro DēLo – Breathe You

  Maro DēLo is back with a new single: Breathe You February 2021 - Maro DēLo is a talented recording artist who has been plating music...
Nyce Da Beast - Check Up Remix

Nyce Da Beast – Check Up Remix

  Nyce da beast presents: Check Up (Remix) February 2021 - Nyce da beast is a hip-hop artist based in Miramar, Florida. His sound has a...
Fresh Porter - Dogg Jigga

Fresh Porter – Dogg Jigga

Fresh Porter presenting his single, 'Dogg Jigga' https://open.spotify.com/track/2TIjRRL7FYh4BB8X7Uy37x FOLLOW ON: TWITTER | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM
Tiffany Goode - EnterGoodeLactic

Tiffany Goode – EnterGoodeLactic

Trumpetiste, Tiffany Goode announces, "EnterGoodeLactic" the second installment into the Goode Stuff Basement Series. Off the heels of her debut album, "Today Was A...
Franzone - Second Chance (No Fears Mix)

Franzone – Second Chance (No Fears Mix)

Franzone drops his new single, 'Second Chance (No Fears Mix)' DJ, Music Producer - Franzone, better known as DJ Franzone, hails from the 70s /...
Alex Morelife - New Machine

Alex Morelife – New Machine

Alex Morelife PRESENTS: New Machine I’m Alex MoreLife; My dancehall career began when I was very young,I was making music at age 5..The first song,...
Blind Eyez - It’s Love

Blind Eyez – It’s Love

Blind Eyez drops his new single, 'It’s Love' This release is a perfect way to end the winter time. Jam to a love track that...
Mike Stoyanov - Star

Mike Stoyanov – Star

Mike Stoyanov releases his new single, 'Star' "Star" is the ultimate feel-good indie rock anthem that will make you want to punch the air, jump...

DJ Kosho – I Can’t let you go (feat. Victor Sampson)

DJ Kosho PRESENTS: I Can't let you go featuring Victor Sampson DJ Kosho, the trailblazing pioneer of West Coast Breakbeat scene's newest track "I can't...
Whopper Benz - Men of Peace

Whopper Benz – Men of Peace

Whopper Benz presenting the visuauls for, 'Men of Peace' Whopper Benz is a Gospel Reggae Artist from Bermuda who also sings about life issues and...

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